среда, 3 июля 2013 г.

ManiaPlanet Update #2

Форум | Более подробный Changelog

Valley (release on 4th of July)
Car lights in very fast & fast configuration
Improved wheel support

Main new blocs: powerpath with Nucleus bunker, wooden rooftops & power grapling hook
Progressive micro boost for jump from static position
Reload of stamina & weapon 30% faster on red plateforms (mode blocks) like the blue ones (powerpath)
Elite: Updated scoreboard & default attacking order by LP in matchmaking
Replays improved: pings, nametags, autosave & concatenates rounds

Echelon system (0 to 9, nothing, bronze I,II,III, silver I,II,III, gold I,II,III) [first tests on Elite]
Improved lobby design [first tests on Elite]
Mediatracker undo/redo
Custom settings in launcher (save as & quick menu)
Callvote commands (enable to callvote operations, like set score, pause etc.)